The natural pool

La Bassa Natural
La Bassa Natural
La Bassa Natural
La Bassa Natural
La Bassa Natural
La Bassa Natural

The design for the renovation of the property provided for the transformation of the traditional irrigation reservoir that once provided water for the house into a natural swimming pool.

A biological regeneration system ensures that the water in the pool remains as crystal clear and fresh as a mountain lake or stream.

The natural depuration process continually improves the quality of the water and leaves it free of unpleasant odours frequently caused by chemical additives such as chlorine. The pool at Mas del Traça is environmentally friendly and completely sustainable.

Natural pools have many advantages. One is the pleasure of bathing without the risk of the eye and skin irritations provoked by chemical pool products.

Holidaymakers must keep in mind:

  • Mas del Traça does not provide lifeguard service
  • The pool is 9.30m (approx. 30′) long and 5.50m (approx. 18′) wide
  • The maximum depth is 0.91m and the minimum depth is 0.84m
  • Diving “head first” or “feet first” is strictly prohibited


Mas del Traça
Cabra del Camp
Cabra del Camp, 43811 Tarragona
+34 682 177 627

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